Thursday, 20 December 2012

Advent Calendar Activities

It's been a busy few weeks trying to keep up with Advent Calendar activities, Christmas baking, crafts, gifts, and remembering to move our house elf, Bob. So I thought I would do one big post about some of the highlights of the last few weeks.  Here it goes:

Bob has gotten into a few crazy things, but mostly he just moves around the house now.  While he hasn't really improved toddler behaviour, my little guy loves looking for him each day and talks to him a lot.

Christmas donuts from Tim's were a huge hit.  This weekend I'm going to try my hand at making my own baked chocolate candy cane donuts.  Recipe to follow!  :)

We went to see the CP Rail Holiday Train when it pulled into town on a freezing cold Friday night.  Lots of fun despite the cold and a great way to help those in need this holiday season.  For any shuterbugs out there, I shot this with my Canon 5D (on a tripod) f/9 ISO 100 with an 8 sec exposure.

More giving by supporting our local Santa's Anonymous.  My little guy had fun picking out toys for other kids.

Snowman pizza!  A cute idea I saw on Pinterest that I had to try.  It was a hit!

Elf punch!  I saw an idea on Pinterest (where else!?) for Grinch Punch while you watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and thought it was a great idea.  I modified the recipe slightly since I don't give my little guy's my version:

Elf Punch

Lime Sherbet
Lime Perrier
red and green sprinkles to trim the rim of the glass (I also added green sprinkles in the glass since my lime sherbet was not green)
"Mom, it's so good"!  Direct quote from my little dude.

We've also made cookies, looked at Christmas lights, watched a few holiday movies, had hot chocolate, and other fun activities.  It would take forever to post about each one, but I am planning on documenting all the fun in my December Daily scrapbook mini album.  So far I have the front cover done...but I have everything documented in my journal book (otherwise the old mommy brain will not remember) and the plan is to finish it over the Christmas brake when the hubs is home and I can spend more time in my crafty space.

That's it for now...thanks for stopping by!

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